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About Us: Corporate Introduction

Ownership Associates is an international consulting firm providing a range of services to corporations interested in broadening ownership and workplace participation opportunities for employees. Ownership Associates specializes in the design and implementation of education and training programs concerned with ownership, participation, and financial basics for employees, and in organizational development and corporate culture change initiatives. We also serve as a strategic advisor to both sellers and employee groups interested in employee ownership.

The primary concept we use to inform these efforts is the idea of "ownership culture," the development of conditions and competencies that support the broad assumption of ownership responsibility by employee groups throughout an organization--where everyone thinks and acts like an owner. The tools we employ to encourage these changes include "train-the-trainer" curricula, on-site employee training, and highly interactive, structured "case-study" simulations, as well as organizational structure innovations at different levels.

In addition to our work in the fields of training and organizational change, Ownership Associates launched the Ownership Culture Survey™ (OCS), a survey instrument developed exclusively for the needs of employee-owned companies. This survey has been described by Corey Rosen, Executive Director of the National Center for Employee Ownership as "the best survey you can get on employee ownership."

Clients range from Fortune 100 corporations to small, privately-held companies.




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