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Ownership Media

A New Ownership Associates Service

There is a gap in the world of ESOP communications. An ESOP is more than a typical employee benefit. It is an invitation, in most cases a once in a lifetime opportunity, to join in ownership.

Sure, it is important for employees to understand the mechanics of the ESOP benefit, eligibility, allocation, vesting and distribution methods. But a prior question resides in the mind of any employee first introduced to an ESOP.

  • Why is the founder/owner/seller doing this in the first place?
  • What is the story behind the decision to share ownership?

Changing ownership of a company is a big deal. Before employees can be fully engaged in understanding this benefit, they need a clear picture of what was behind the decision, of the motivations and the inspirations of the ESOP’s founders.

In conjunction with award-winning, Manhattan-based independent filmmaker Fredgy Noël, Ownership Associates is introducing a new service for ESOP employers: a chance to capture your story on film, convertible to an easy-to-access link for your employees. Your story needs to be told briefly and well through a high-quality video product that mixes the story of your company and its history with the words and the expressions of your leaders, as well as background images of your company and its people at work.

Here is an example of this service generously shared by award-winning ESOP company Web Industries of Westborough, MA. Company Founder Robert Fulton and company CEO Donnie Romine sit down with Ownership Associates President and ESOP veteran Christopher Mackin to tell their ESOP story.

We offer two packages and two price points for ESOP companies who wish to take advantage of this service.

Option 1: Internal Interviewer
  • Initial phone consultation
  • Ownership Associates supplies a suggested script for interviews of principals at your company
  • Filming and production
  • Final deliverables

Estimated cost starting at: $5,000 plus out of pocket expenses.

Option 2: External Interviewer

  • Initial phone consultation
  • Ownership Associates President and ESOP veteran Christopher Mackin conducts the interviews
  • Filming and production
  • Final deliverables

Estimated cost starting at: $7,500 plus out of pocket expenses.

These options will result in your company having access to a lasting video record to be shown to existing company employees, new hires, and as a promotional tool. In some cases, companies may wish to share their ESOP story with customers, the communities in which they reside, and with the press. Contact Fredgy Noël at 917-351-4050 or fredgy@ownershipmedia.com to begin a discussion about whether this ESOP communication service can help you to capture your ESOP story.

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