Ownership Culture Survey:
Survey Content

Ownership Associates announces the November, 2005, sale of the Ownership Culture Survey™ to the National Center for Employee Ownership.

The NCEO, a nonprofit organization serving employee-ownership companies since 1980, is now the sole source for the survey items. Companies interested in employee-ownership surveys should contact the NCEO or visit the survey resources page on the NCEO website.

The 65 core items in the OCS are designed to create a comprehensive profile of a company’s ownership culture and to facilitate a comparison of your results to the other employee-owned companies in our database.

With the exception of items referred to in our on-line publications, OCS items are not available on the web. Contact us to review a sample questionnaire.

OCS items are grouped into four top-level categories:

1. Ownership Identity
How much do employees feel like owners? How important is ownership to them? What aspects of being an owner matter to them most?

2. Rights and Responsibilities
The key to the health of an ownership culture is the link between the rights employees expect and the responsibilities they accept. The core of the survey looks at the delicate balance between rights and responsibilities in six areas.

Ownership Theory: Rights and Responsibilities

3. Complementary Items
How much to employees trust company managers? Do they trust the company's commitment to employee-ownership? What is the atmosphere of the work environment at the company?

4. Customizing the Survey (Optional)

OCS clients have access to an easy-to-use library of pre-written questions covering a variety of issues.

You may also wish to consider designing questions that are specific to your company. You may construct these items yourself, or Ownership Associates will work with you to ensure that the questions are effective and will produce meaningful data.

What's Included