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3. Complementary Items

Ownership Associates announces the November, 2005, sale of the Ownership Culture Survey™ to the National Center for Employee Ownership.

The NCEO, a nonprofit organization serving employee-ownership companies since 1980, is now the sole source for the survey items. Companies interested in employee-ownership surveys should contact the NCEO or visit the survey resources page on the NCEO website.

The third main component of OCS analysis is "Complementary Items." It consists of two dimensions:

Trust in Leadership
This dimension itself includes two broad types of questions.

The first type of trust is trust-in-management, which asks about how much respondents trust different levels of mangers: their immediate supervisors, middle managers, and senior managers.

The second type is trust-in-ownership. Employees must have confidence that the employee ownership plan is constructed in their interest and that they will eventually benefit from it. Without this trust, the plan will not be an effective motivator.

For more information about both types of trust and how employee-owners tend to answer these questions, see Trust and Ownership.

Work Atmosphere
This dimension concerns the general climate and relations among people at an organization. The five measures composing this dimension are: satisfaction, willingness to make sacrifices, respect, commitment to the company, and the belief that change is possible.

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