Ownership Culture Survey:
What's Included

Ownership Associates announces the November, 2005, sale of the Ownership Culture Survey™ to the National Center for Employee Ownership.

The NCEO, a nonprofit organization serving employee-ownership companies since 1980, is now the sole source for the survey items. Companies interested in employee-ownership surveys should contact the NCEO or visit the survey resources page on the NCEO website.

The survey comes automatically with everything required to administer and use the results of the survey:

  • all license fees
  • design and layout of the questionnaire
  • production of questionnaires and supporting materials (including an introductory cover letter, answers to frequently asked questions, and a return envelope)
  • delivery of survey packets to the company
  • data entry
  • the Key Results booklet, a 20-page executive summary of the survey data
  • the Ownership Culture Profile (the full survey results packet)

The number of reports included with the survey depend on the size of the client company.

The Ownership Culture Profile covers the complete analysis of the survey results, including:

  • raw data charts indicating the distribution of responses on individual survey items and comparing your company’s scores to the averages in our database of employee-owned companies
  • employee subgroup charts, indicating the differences among various employee groups within your company
  • categorization and analysis of written survey items
  • a narrative explaining the results of the survey
  • an executive summary of key survey results

Sample Results