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To see descriptions of all Briefing Papers (one-page summaries of vital employee-ownership information), go to Briefing Papers.

To find out more about available survey items for inclusion in your company surveys, go to Survey Questions.


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All Online Resources: Listed by Name

  • 42 E.S.O.P. Ideas for ESOP Month Buy now!
  • "But What About United?" Answering the Tough Questions
  • Carris Companies' Practice of Employee Governance. [An article by Dr. Cecile G. Betit published in the Journal of Corporate Citizenship.]
  • Creating an Ownership Culture
  • "Employee Owned and Governed" The Carris Community of Companies
  • Employee Ownership and Industrial Relations
  • Briefing Paper 1: Research Highlights -- The Performance of ESOP Companies Free download!
  • Briefing Paper 2: Enron and Employee-Ownership Free download!
  • Briefing Paper 3: ESOP Committees -- Design Parameters Buy now!
  • Briefing Paper 4: What Can We Learn from United Airlines? Buy now!
  • Briefing Paper 5: ESOP "Kick-Off" Meeting Buy now!
  • Briefing Paper 6: ESOP Training for Middle Managers / Supervisors Buy now!
  • Briefing Paper 7: Research Highlights 2 -- ESOPs and Employee Wealth Free download!
  • Briefing Paper 8: Does Company Size Affect Ownership Identity? Buy now!
  • New! Briefing Paper 9: Public Perception of Employee Ownership Buy now!
  • ESOP Committee Development
  • ESOP Committee Development: Full Introduction
  • ESOP Committee Development: Part 1
  • ESOP Committee Development: Part 2
  • ESOP Committee Development: Part 3
  • ESOP Committee Development: Part 4
  • ESOP Committee Development: Part 5
  • ESOP Committee Development: Part 6
  • The ESOP Game Buy now!
  • The ESOP 'WorkOut'
  • For the Non-Management Champion
  • Four Challenges of Building an Ownership Culture
  • Frontiers and Boundaries
  • Frontiers and Boundaries Handbook: Mapping Decision Making Responsibility Buy now!
  • Getting People to Participate
  • Glad You Asked! Using Employee Surveys in Ownership Culture Work
  • Human Resources and Company Performance
  • Letter to the Editor on "The Irresponsible Investor"
  • Making Employee Ownership Real
  • Making an ESOP Work for You
  • Manage Your Expectations to Avoid the "Option Blues"
  • Managing Ownership Complexity
  • The Mondragon Cooperative Corporation
  • Motivating Employee-Owners: 1. Abstract
  • Motivating Employee-Owners: 2. Main
  • Motivating Employee-Owners: 3. Conclusion
  • Nothing Measured, Nothing Gained
  • OCR main page
  • OCS Handbook
  • OCS Technical Note
  • An Open Letter
  • Organizational Psychology and Definitions of Ownership
  • Ownership and Motivation
  • Ownership Cynics
  • Ownership Theory: Rights and Responsibilities
  • Participation and Decision Making
  • Representative Structures in Employee-Owned Firms
  • Research Evidence on Prevalence and Effects of Employee Ownership
  • Responding to Enron: Resources for Employee-Ownership Companies
  • Sample Ownership Culture Profile
  • Self-Direction and Employee-Ownership
  • Show Them the Money
  • Survey Item 1
  • Survey Item 2
  • Survey Item 3
  • Survey Item 4
  • Survey Item 5
  • Survey Item 6
  • Survey Item 7
  • Survey Item 8
  • Survey Item 9
  • Survey Support Center
  • Surveys and Employee Ownership
  • SweatX: Discrediting the Sweatshop Model
  • The Ownership Incentive
  • Total Quality Management and Employee Ownership
  • Trust and Ownership
  • United it was Not
  • What do Employee Owners Really Think About Ownership?
  • Who's Afraid of Ownership?

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